Concurrent Enrollment Registration

Concurrent Enrollment

General Information

Students may only enroll in courses offered through SDC online programs.

Before deciding to concurrently enroll at SDC, students should review course descriptions in the current catalog and note any prerequisites.

Enrollment is limited to two courses per session and these classes can be taken up to the completion of an Associates Degree.

All college coursework and grades become a permanent part of the student’s official college academic history and transcript.

Note: Poor GPA can have a far-reaching impact on future college entrance, scholarships, financial aid awards, etc.

Students are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) when they attend post- secondary institutions. Neither the parent, family member, nor a representative from the student’s school may inquire about the student or obtain information on the student’s academic performance, enrollment, or attendance without the expressed written consent of the student, regardless of the student’s age.

The cost of tuition is $165.00 per credit plus a $99 textbook fee. All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted. Please contact Shahri Taylor at (619) 201-8674 if you have further questions.

High school students enrolled concurrently at SDC are not eligible for financial aid.


Students are expected to adhere to all academic policies and deadlines as outlined in the course syllabus and catalog.

Students must meet any prerequisites as applicable.

Students must submit a Concurrent Enrollment Registration form for each term enrolled at SDC.

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Spring 2017

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Summer 2017

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Student Agreement

I understand that participating in this Concurrent Enrollment program provides me with an opportunity to enroll in a SDC college course and to access programs and services available to all SDC students. I further understand that I am responsible for knowing and following all college policies and procedures related to academic performance and student behavior as delineated in the catalog.

Parent or Guardian Agreement

I certify that I understand the responsibilities and expectations of my child attending San Diego Christian College as a college student. Furthermore, I understand that according to federal (FERPA) regulations, parents of college students do not have a right to access their children’s student records, regardless of whether the student is under the age of 18, without the student's written permission. In accordance with this regulation, my child’s college records will be released to me only with the written consent of my child.

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